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12 GMA dba PEACE Clinic 10th Anniversary Celebration  joe777 2021.04.01 435
11 PEACE Clinic presents Holistic Health - God's Design  joe777 2021.04.01 425
10 My Poop should float in the water? How can that be?  joe777 2021.04.01 434
9 Drink apple cider vinegar for your stomach!  joe777 2021.04.01 436
8 When my intestines are healthy, my mind can get healthy too??  joe777 2021.04.07 460
7 Do you want to sleep well? And wake up refreshed in the morning? 제발 잠 좀 푸욱 자고 아침에 상쾌하게 일어나고 싶다구요?  joe777 2021.04.13 764
6 How diabetics can get a deep sleep. 당뇨 환자들이 깊은 잠을 잘 수 있는 방법 좀 알려주세요?  joe777 2021.04.21 452
5 Try lifting your heels daily to strengthen your heart! 매일 발뒤꿈치 들기를 하셔서 심장을 튼튼히 하세요!  joe777 2021.05.12 833
4 Should I take medicine if I am sick? 몸이 아프면 약을 먹어야 하나요?  joe777 2021.05.12 753
3 At certain times, it is better to fast than to take herbal medicine? 보약을 먹는 것보다 금식하는 것이 나을 때가 있다구요?  joe777 2021.05.26 11477
2 Diabetes is not a disease that can be determined by symptoms? 당뇨는 증상으로 알 수 있는 질병이 아니라고요?  joe777 2021.05.26 2912
1 Vitamin C makes you healthy? 비타민 C를 먹으면 건강하게 된다구요?  joe777 2021.05.26 1360
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